photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

low clouds, Mayo


low clouds, Mayo

name: gracjen, 24-09-2008 11:11

to niebywale ,czym zaskakuje nas matka natura...

name: beanow, 24-09-2008 12:20

i jeszcze nie raz nas zaskoczymatka natura i... Jędrzej :)
a zdjęcie super!

name: matka natura, 25-09-2008 10:23

ciebie, gracjan, nietrudno zaskoczyc.

name: geraldine, 25-09-2008 14:06

I love that shot, it reminds me of autumn days as a kid when my parents would drag us up hiking in the mountains, we always seemed to hit low cloud and mist!

name: Martin, 25-09-2008 21:36


name: Ciaran O'Donnel, 28-09-2008 15:34

I know exactly what you mean like, Poles in every comment, it's really depressing!

name: Martin, 28-09-2008 20:15

Rubbish to Ciaran O Donnell, it is just the Irish cloud cover I find depressing (as also I find his racism.)

name: Ciaran O'Donnel, 28-09-2008 22:51

Martin: It happened to me to be polish too, that's why it's so depressing! (*)

Due to nature of this blog (to be not really humble I need to add, that I had a big pleasure to code its engine) comments are usually written by polish people, however we are very random and unpredictable with picking the names we use in comments.

I'm sorry that this comment was understood in the way I didnt want it to be understood. Just pure joke.

(*) - another joke, I have no problems with my nationality, however I'm still trying to find my place in this world, Cork seems to be quite nice place, I hope Cork has the same opinion about me.

name: Martin, 29-09-2008 8:26

OK CiaranthePole I guess that changes the nature of the comment somewhat.
I still reserve my right to rush to The Defence of the Pole!
(and I am sure Cork will love you)


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