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low tide composition, 2


low tide composition, 2

yet another low tide picture, taken only today. swans were far away down the river and I thought trolleys to be a bit sad on their own, so I lured the seagull with a piece of bread.

name: beanow, 14-03-2012 6:49


name: Vale, 18-03-2012 13:45

I would rather call it: 'Trolley in the river Lee composition'

name: mr mro, 21-03-2012 8:30

or: "Two trolleys in the River Lee with additional seagull composition"

name: komentator zagramaniczny, 21-03-2012 21:05

or: low tide trolleys composition with two additional river's lee seagulls.

name: jedrzej, 21-03-2012 22:23

to end those fruitless deliberations: today a team of brave adventurers equipped with a boat and a fair dose of courage collected all the trolleys from North Lee Channel. the trolleys were so many, that the adventurers had to do what us common people do in the supermarkets to retrieve our 1€ coins - they had to stick them all into each other, and all that on their shaky little boat.

name: alan, 26-03-2012 18:27

Your photo-blog is fantastic! Reminds me to look harder and better at my home town of Cork for inspiration!

name: jedrzej, 27-03-2012 14:06

thank you Alan!


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