photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

low tide composition


low tide composition

river Lee in Cork, the tide is out.

name: Una, 02-03-2012 17:17

Enjoyed your last two photos very much. 'A black and white composition'. The two sinister black dogs look as if they are waiting for a very disabled driver to pounce on and these two birds are playing nursemaid to the wounded 'trolly-bird'. Thank you,great fun!

name: jedrzej, 05-03-2012 11:34

Thank you Una!

name: mr mro, 07-03-2012 7:43

I like it a lot!

name: Maximpics , 17-03-2012 23:16

Very interesting !

name: Indonesia Photos, 05-05-2012 21:03

nice compo and artistic picture, like have a story inside

name: alkos, 24-05-2012 14:40

twoje fajniejsze :-)


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