photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

man in a coat, Bologna


man in a coat, Bologna

a movie-still-like photo today. there's someone hiding behind the column back there.
meanwhile, it seems like summer has come to Ireland, finally. i wouldn't dare saying that it came for good, as it's here since three days only, but what a wonderful days they were.

name: martin, 14-05-2008 17:23

Certainly involved in espionage.

name: jedrzej, 14-05-2008 23:40

a very classy spy then, a bow tie instead of a plebeian tie.

name:, 15-05-2008 0:05

This is very very good - did you ear about the bulgarian umbrella ? - spy use them but not only for the rain ;-)

name: sebostek, 26-05-2008 19:57

świetny klimat


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