photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Market Square, Temple Bar


Market Square, Temple Bar

kids sitting on a stage-like object, the purpose of which remains unknown to me - none of my Dublin based friends seemed to know, when i asked later.

name: frodo b, 22-02-2008 11:22


name: john, 14-04-2008 13:38

nice image. its an outdoor cinema ....

name: SoftCitu, 08-05-2008 23:13


name: Anfearbui, 19-06-2008 13:56

Its an outdoor stage that can be opened from the back of the Childrens cultural centre "The Ark". The screen was designed by Santiago Calatrava & becomes a canopy when opened. The outdoor cinema is the square in front with the projection room high to the left of the picture.

name: jedrzej, 19-06-2008 14:13

thanks for that info! :)


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