photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

mist and light, Blasket Islands


mist and light, Blasket Islands

looking along the strait from Dunquin. Great Blasket on the right, Dunmore Head on the left.

name: Geographer, 07-07-2010 23:00

Dunmore Head not Slea Head...

name: jedrzej, 09-07-2010 17:09

As a person who emptied more wines than me in this precise location you would obviously know better.

name: Kiper, 11-07-2010 5:09

well... after pretty deep dive into my memory, everything what I can bring back is just 2 bottles of wine and few good stouts, consumed at this precise location... I'm pretty sure that this activity which I'm deeply ashamed of , didn't help me with correctness of naming this place, where I was consuming upper mentioned alcohol.. but I'm quite sure that the map published by Ordnance Survey of Ireland helped me though... and the ability of finding myself on this map , of course!! but that's obviously thanks to Masters in Geography.

name: jedrzej, 11-07-2010 13:47

I'm rather happy that the obligatory courses for Masters in geography include the advanced outdoor beverage consuming classes and basic map reading skills, but I would strongly suggest them to consider introducing elementary logic workshops! :)

name: rusty, 15-07-2010 14:22

rubbish lads.
photo is fantastic.
I wonder I feed stopped working for me.

name: zaskroniec, 18-07-2010 15:09


name: menchu, 10-08-2010 12:44

Beautiful...I will be back for more of Cork!

name: jedrzej, 10-08-2010 22:30

thank you.


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