photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

mooring the ship, Port of Cork


mooring the ship, Port of Cork

Arklow Rose coming in.

name: A cat from the picture., 07-08-2009 0:25

moor moor moor

name: KatieC, 07-08-2009 12:42

ah yes a lovely ship. i notice that she can hold ballast of 1945m cubed and has a summer load draft of 5.679m. Bet you didn't think your photos were that informative!!!

name: Popeye, 10-08-2009 22:01

It's th' same ol' thing! I jes'toldya: 5873 m³. Not 1945m³! I'm Popeyeee d'sailorman!

name: appreciable input, 11-08-2009 23:59

I really like the restaurant on the second deck.


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