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my places in Cork


my places in Cork my places in Cork

this is post number 300!

two pictures showing entrances to the two places where I lived in Cork (still do, in case of the second photo).
first one, with a cat, is Portney's Lane, off North Main Street. second photo shows St Rita's Villas, looking towards Shandon Street.

name: Vic, 20-08-2009 0:09

Nice shots! Really like the second one!

name: Martin, 20-08-2009 21:51

Superb, I love 'em.
You have the ability to make me nostalgic about a city I thought I would never miss.
Good second 300.

name: Mouse, 25-08-2009 1:24

The beast, the beast!

name: Janet, 03-09-2009 15:57

Love the cat photo! Great composition and exposure.


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