photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland




flock of swifts (at least i think they are swifts) over the fields in Garretstown, County Cork.

UPDATE: below is short video i took of the aforementioned flock of birds, which appear not to be swifts, or vultures as certain specialist was suggesting, but starlings. big thanks to Martin and Sile for that info and to Paul for showing me the birds :)

name: mr mro, 21-11-2011 14:30

This photo is good, but would be much better if you photoshoped these black dots from the sky.

name: ornithologist, 22-11-2011 0:21

i bet that they are vultures....

name: jedrzej, 22-11-2011 16:34

yes, maybe i should have waited for the vultures to leave...

name: martin, 22-11-2011 17:41

Not Swifts, nor Vultures but (my wife Síle says ) Starlings.

name: ornithologist, 22-11-2011 23:09

sorry Martin, long and exhausting studies would prove you that's typical vulture flock, a bit lost on their way from Cordilliera Central to Cordilliera Blanca... As a typical indicator of vultures behavior , please take a look on the leader of the flock ,also a bit lost . It's easy to recognize him. he is few inches on the left from the little bugger above the house. And he is bending his wing in typical vulture way.
and I'm not saying that your wife is wrong , but maybe she was just shouting "Darling ... what a amazing flock of vultures over Garretstown" :)

name: ornithologist, 24-11-2011 9:24

somebody is trying to say here that my studies were useless???

First proof: The photo. Member of the above mentioned flock, landing on beautiful fields around garretstown.

Second proof: The movie.

As you can see in the movie speed of fly, turn, sky diving is exatly the same like in movie shown by Jedrzej.

I CANT be wrong !!!

name: jedrzej, 24-11-2011 17:50

stubborn, convincing and wrong - all the characteristics of the real expert!

name: mr mro, 25-11-2011 7:10

@ ornithologist
I'm not saying, I'm just trying to say, that your studies were useless. On the photo you can see the typical flock of zimorodek zwyczajny (Alcedo atthis).

name: Ornithologist for president, 25-11-2011 14:33

You are all (except for ornitohologist, who is visibly right and shamefully superior) making a mistake of looking for the truth in the art. There is no truth in the art, except for the eternal, objective and the only truth there is.
The beauty of his arguments and the consistent effort put into the explanation of this picture of Eyjafjallajökull eruption give these lifeless particles of ash the energy and sould of vultures. Ornithologist for President! Or, for a Queen, should I say!

name: Rita, 06-12-2011 12:14

I believe that is called a murmuration when starlings (or vultures if needs be) do that...which is one of my new favorite words now

name: Ailish, 21-02-2012 18:14



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