photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

nuns in Przemysl


nuns in Przemysl

eleven of them, precisely. one more, and it would be a dozen! quite a strong patrol, anyway.

name: anti nun front, 13-01-2010 11:45

Przemysl, one of the oldest cities in Poland... with beatiful buildings, perfect landscapes and amazing people and you are showing what... bunch of penguins... no words... :)

name: anti nun front observer, 13-01-2010 11:46

and by the way one of them is fake ... she is not wearing balaclava...

name: Martin, 13-01-2010 13:31

A Polish photo, Bravo. Eleven nuns, that's about the same number as we have altogether in Ireland.

name: hoi, 13-01-2010 15:31

Lovely shot

name: Baloonik, 14-01-2010 23:16

When I was younger, I was the twelfth nun myself.

name: Carlotta, 18-10-2010 12:29

When I look this pictur I think at a Magnum's Picture with a lot girls and ducks!!!Do you know?

name: jedrzej, 18-10-2010 19:35

nope, you have to find a link for me :)


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