photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

obey god


obey god

yesterday I visited my favourite Fitton Street East again. things are still happening there, good things with light and colours and reflections. this picture is an obvious continuation of this one here.

name: Martin, 25-11-2013 15:16

Changes have occured, the four ears have become lozanges,there is now an amazing one word graffito which I cannot (and I have tried) to decipher but it is the exhortation on the plywood which is mesmerizing. It is such a neat bit of stencilling there has to be an anal retentitive evangelist walking the streets of Cork trying to bring us back to the fold. Great picture sir !

name: Donncha, 26-11-2013 22:37

Snap! :)

name: Donncha, 26-11-2013 22:38

Sigh, my snappy short comment was ruined when the link was removed. This is why I said "snap"!

name: jedrzej, 27-11-2013 19:57

Thank you, Martin!

Nice one Donncha. Clearly our anal retentive evangelist wasn't satisfied with the impact he inflicted upon Fitton Street East (I'm afraid I might be the only person who wanders there) and brought his message to Grand Parade.
(Why was the link removed though, I have no idea).


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