photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

on the cliff, Dingle Peninsula


on the cliff, Dingle Peninsula

standing on the very end of Dingle Peninsula. in the background - Inishtooskert, one of the Blasket Islands.

name: hoi, 03-12-2009 15:27

That would be a beautiful last view if someone were to fall over!

name: Martin, 03-12-2009 16:14

An tEaspag Marbh- The Dead Bishop, lying in state.
Good to see him again.

name: jedrzej, 04-12-2009 14:27

I didn't know this name Martin; certainly one of most strangely spelled words ever. the rocks on the island's right hand side end look extremely beautiful from mainland, i would like to go around them on a boat one day.

name: martin, 05-12-2009 23:03

How someone with a name like Jedrzej can think An tEaspach Marbh difficult amazes me.
But I do hope you can see the dead bishop lying in state in this island. Those rocks on his right hand side being his head and mitre

name: jedrzej, 06-12-2009 14:05

touché, Martin!
and yes, the bishop is clearly a bishop, no doubt about that.

name: Shane, 07-12-2009 12:49

Inistooskert means north island.

And he must be the only Bishop lying down right now.

name: mm, 08-12-2009 20:46

O no, Martin, to say Jedrzej, it's very easy: just: Yen J.

name: mr mro, 09-12-2009 14:24

"Jedrzej" is easy. Try with the word "Gżerzszczerzybrzęśćóżnośg", which - of course - means nothing, but still sounds terrible.


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