photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

penguin power, Beagle Channel, Argentina


penguin power, Beagle Channel, Argentina penguin power, Beagle Channel, Argentina

"Albatrosses and penguins are the last birds I'd want to murder" - Bruce Chatwin, 'In Patagonia'.

name: gracjan, 21-04-2010 14:32

well. there is one short fellow in the middle who would like to punch you I think...

name: Martin, 22-04-2010 16:21

I see him, in the middle of the shot dressed in black and white and what is remarkable is that he is the only one in the whole picture looking at the camera, the rest are studiously avoiding it.

name: hoi, 22-04-2010 17:24

Wow...this is great! I would love to visit this place.

name: fra, 23-04-2010 14:08

It's so good to know you are back! By looking at these photos it must have been amazing! Wow, i thought our cities were crowded but it's so busy too over there :) Vi mando tanti abbracci!

name: APPA (Assocation of Patagonian Penguins and Albatr, 28-04-2010 11:05

Bruce Chatwin's books offer a great, in-depth insight into remarkable animal world of Patagonia, they also set the priorities right and we here, at APPA, recommend his books to the readers of all ages and nationalities. They can also be mail-ordered with our new photo album "Top 100 tallest photographers shooting the simultaneous pictures of 100+ penguins".


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