photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

photo booth, Munich


photo booth, Munich

name: Martin, 07-06-2008 23:34

A delicious(if cruel)contrast between two sets of legs.

name: daina, 07-06-2008 23:50

anyone you know? :} Terrific image almost too perfect.

name: Will Knott, 07-06-2008 23:58

At this moment, I'm wondering if you go around the world with an extra pair of legs to use in shots. Nice setups.

name: gobo, 08-06-2008 18:34

sexy time!

name: jedrzej, 08-06-2008 23:38

@ Martin - i don't think there could be any more adequate comment to this photo than yours!
@ Daina - unfortunately not :)

There were four german policemen standing very close and giving me most ominous look while i was taking this shot.

name: daina, 09-06-2008 3:40

Kudos for the remarkable capture - It felt posed to me, so glad I was wrong. Not that there is anything wrong with posed stuff but it does impose a view that sometimes rankles whereas if it were found in reality end of story.

name: ewczak, 09-06-2008 11:58


name: sebostek, 09-06-2008 18:08

świetne zdjęcie !

name: TE buty., 09-06-2008 19:54

To my.

name: Mro, 10-06-2008 13:45

O, jesteście wreszcie!

name: obcas, 11-06-2008 19:29

na ta sesje poslalem swoje dzieci,a co tam.Niech sie szczeniaki od malego ucza zarabiac pieniazki.

name: Mro, 12-06-2008 7:33

Tylko nie "pieniążki", błagam - nie "pieniążki"!

name: gobo, 13-06-2008 1:40

nie moglem inaczej))

name: paweł s, 26-06-2009 9:31

baaaardzo dobre!

name: Theof, 15-12-2009 5:35

Great Shot!

name: Eamonn, 10-09-2011 21:40

I think Martin summed up my sentiments... What a particularly amazing shot!!!

name: jedrzej, 13-09-2011 11:46

thank you!

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