photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Pierce Brosnan, Munich


Pierce Brosnan, Munich

a few shots from Munich will follow this one.

name: ewczak, 20-06-2008 12:38

przylapales na mizianiu ;D

name: Latchiko, 20-06-2008 16:13


name: darren, 20-06-2008 16:41

excellent shot!

name: Mro, 20-06-2008 20:14

He looks exactly like Pierce Brosnan!

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 23-06-2008 15:43

And who is the guy in the background?

name: Mro, 23-06-2008 19:28

Who cares?

name: jedrzej, 23-06-2008 20:43

the guy in front cares, and rather gently i'd say.

name: bea, 18-03-2009 14:20

Fantastic shot! That´s Pierce Brosnan. And if not mistaken, for a L´Oreal Ad.

name: jedrzej, 18-04-2009 19:35

Thank you!

name: Brosnans Fans, 21-04-2009 9:47

The Pierce Brosnan is enchanting beautiful men and good spouse


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