photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

playing hurling in the backalley, Cork


playing hurling in the backalley, Cork

in the sidelane off Coburg Street, just behind the SinE pub.

name: Baloonik, 24-11-2008 19:53

I'd assume so little feedback has its source not in the lack of understanding of the artistic side of the picture, but in the general lack of understanding in the boy's activity.
Let me allow you the full appreciation of the subtle play of lights, shadows and forms by saying: hurling is a brutal metaphore of life, where men with crooked sticks beat the shit out of the other men, usually equipped with crooked sticks, all under commonly accepted bullshit of running after a small, worthless ball. Men all around islands get prepared to excel in this activity since their very childhood, as can be observed in this wonderful picture.

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 24-11-2008 20:59

I would also supplement this explanation with an obvious respect to "No parking" signs - one would think, that author of this picture would kindly ask the visitors not to "park" their comments as we are facing the tragedy of young boy preparing to his adult life. In fact, we are witnesses of a silent scream against insane prices of the parking discs.

name: jedrzej, 24-11-2008 21:12

i can hardly imagine more stunning feedback for a photograph than those comments.
as for hurling, what impresses me most is the ultimate lack of hesitation that players perform in operating the crooked sticks in immediate proximity of other players's vital organs, combined with surprising tendency of the latter not to care about it at all.


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