photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

points and lines, Innishannon, County Cork


points and lines, Innishannon, County Cork

name: alex, 23-10-2008 7:39

Wonderful atmosphere, great division by the telephon/power line.

name: Puchacz, 23-10-2008 8:16

Dokądż to, bracia?

name: Czyżyk, 23-10-2008 8:29

Za chlebem, za chlebem!

name: Robin, 23-10-2008 8:43

Great photo

name: k.s.i.a., 23-10-2008 13:49

Na moim blogu zamieściłem link do pańskich pięknych fotografii, jako "Fotograf". Pozdrawiam.

name: k.s.i.a., 23-10-2008 13:52

adres bloga:

name: 8MinutesOld, 02-11-2008 20:30

I love this kind of pictures, the silhouettes of birds in front of a contrasty sky. Including the power lines gives the image structure and guides the eye. Beautiful.

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