photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Popes Quay at night


Popes Quay at night

as seen from Shandon Bridge. this photo was taken last december, at 4:39 in the morning, while i was coming back from Hop Island Christmas party. a tripod would be useful for such shot, but since i had not quite yet developed the habit of carrying a tripod with me to places where a dancefloor is involved, the bridge railing had to do.

name: beanow, 07-01-2010 8:47

oj, przepiękna nocna prezentacja Dublina

name: jedrzej, 07-01-2010 10:59

Cork, Cork! :)

name: Martin, 07-01-2010 19:26

Cork at its most golden but, where are all the shots of a Polish Christmas ?
Never fear, it looks like you will get a chance of a few snow shots in Ireland before the winter is out.

name: Dancer in the dark, 09-01-2010 0:27

any photos from the dancefloor,hah?

name: jedrzej, 11-01-2010 14:41

Martin, there should be something from Polish Christmas soon. And there was a winter in Cork for *1* day!

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 11-01-2010 15:00

Another brave achievement. He just took the photo like he did not know about many photographers who had died trying to do that before him. And that's all after spending half of the night on the dancefloor!

What else might have happened this crazy night?

name: hoi, 11-01-2010 17:10

Looks like the bridge railing worked because the shot is nicely in focus.


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