photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

port watchmen


port watchmen

always there. always vigilant. no post is left unseated on. it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

name: Martin, 18-11-2009 5:05

What about the little lad on the K ?
Why can't they make him a pole too ?
("Just because I'm not a shagging seagull")

name: hoi, 19-11-2009 2:04

I like this. What does it look like in color?

name: Shagging seagull, 19-11-2009 10:06


name: jedrzej, 19-11-2009 12:05

@Martin - apparently, nightingales are not welcome in the port (the truth is much more bland - it's merely a piece of metal)

@hoi - not too much color in the original shot, the sky is pale blue and that's it.

name: watchmens chief of staff, 20-11-2009 10:45

@Martin - the little lad is just an apprentice. His time is yet to come.


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