photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

postcard, Isle of Skye


postcard, Isle of Skye

back from Scotland. as you can see, we had some good weather - which i suppose should be considered lucky this time of the year.
this photo was taken from underneath the Old Man of Storr, looking towards Isle of Raasay.

name: beanow, 19-03-2009 6:18

pięknie tu...

name: Sharon, 20-03-2009 10:36

Oh my, that is so utterly beautiful. I can just imagine being there for real.

name: geraldine, 20-03-2009 14:02

i love scotland, I have many friends thereabouts and we've spent a few great holidays there - that shot is absolutely fabulous, it's beautiful

name: Baloonik, 20-03-2009 17:17

Ireland. I can tell Ireland when I see one.

name: a+m, 22-04-2009 21:27

amazing landscape! i mean Scotland! wow what a place! i always knew its beautiful some day i´ll go there i know! anyway great colors, great relaxing picture!

name: annaC, 06-08-2012 22:07

This is the place where inter alia Prometheus was made. And there were also Island landscapes... eh! Wonderful...


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