photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

pouring the iron


pouring the iron

I will flatter myself a bit: if Caravaggio attended the R2, the iron pouring workshop by National Sculpture Factory in Cork, maybe, just maybe, he would have painted something a bit like that?
Portreyed are: Rian Kerrane and Ruth Lyons.

name: rdzak, 02-05-2014 10:22

no kurwa

name: jedrzej, 02-05-2014 14:48


name: rdzak, 03-05-2014 21:18

że w pyte fota!

name: komentator z zagranicy, 04-05-2014 12:50

zacna fota!

name: jedrzej, 04-05-2014 18:39

dopytywalem, bo tekst pisany nie przenosi akcentow, a co za tym idzie - wydzwieku!

name: rian Kerrane, 04-05-2014 19:09

This is beautiful.
I believe that is Ruth Lyons.... alongside.?

name: jedrzej, 04-05-2014 22:50

Thank you Rian!
I'm almost positive it's Ruth indeed.

name: Rian Kerrane, 05-05-2014 5:39

You know I am reminded of Vermeer, and women at work with the slanting light....

name: Martin, 15-05-2014 17:40

You are still improving.

name: mr.mro, 26-05-2014 9:57

Ktoś to wreszcie musi powiedzieć - wyśmienite!

name: Imek, 15-06-2014 0:54

I would like to repeat with Martin. Cholercia. You would take first place in communist poster competition ;)

name: jedrzej, 25-06-2014 16:12

Przodownicy pracy, tak!


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