photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

rain, Pienza


rain, Pienza

Italians seem to be a bit scared of rain. every single one of them carries an umbrella, and none hesitates to use it at the first sign of precipitation.

name: Martin, 19-05-2008 9:03

It is a phenomenon I have observed in countries which do not enjoy daily rain (ie every country other than Ireland) that they have developed an obsessive fear of contact with even one drop.

name: jedrzej, 20-05-2008 0:23

well - i wish i happened to enjoy it slightly, slightly less often, i could appreciate it more then :)

name: dennis, 26-03-2010 10:59

I enjoy the photo as b&w, but I wonder what it would be like in color. The many umbrellas could make an interesting mosaic. As an artist, why did you choose b&w?

name: jedrzej, 26-03-2010 11:19

it was just looking better in b&w, that's it :)


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