photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

rainy day in Wicklow


rainy day in Wicklow

this photo is from august - i really don't know why it actually looks like quite a dry day, while being one of the dampest i ever experienced.
i sent a link to this site to my friend today, she looked at it and said that it's like an unfinished letter - i think i like the way she put it.

name: Morgiana, 01-03-2008 23:46

Wyjątkowe zdjęcie fantastyczne odcienie zieleni. Omszałe kamienie i drzewa wyrastające z murów. Piękna okolica.:)

name: sn, 05-01-2009 23:34

2 year on and l think it is an unfinished letter! good way to start the site!


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