photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Saint Patrick Bridges and Camden Places, Cork


Saint Patrick Bridges and Camden Places, Cork

i mean - two of each.
3rd of february, noon weather update: aah this global warming, it's heavily snowing in Cork at the moment!

name: Martin, 03-02-2009 9:25

Wonderful calm reflection, but why can't we see Shandon reflected in the river?

name: jedrzej, 03-02-2009 10:17

i was asking myself the same question yesterday while preparing the picture for web - i think the answer is in the fact that the photo is not perfectly symetrical, it's taken slightly upwards. The entrances to Camden Place buildings are also not visible in the reflection.

name: beanow, 03-02-2009 11:49

idealnie symetryczne...

name: vale, 03-02-2009 15:48

very nice/very nice:)

name: Baloonik, 16-02-2009 15:44

So many seagulls! And the perfect reflection doubles the number!

name: cicero, 16-02-2009 16:32

there's is a trend to call them 'windows' nowadays, Baloo.

name: Baloonik, 08-03-2009 1:17

I'm very conservative, Cicero, trendproof. For example, I detest the trend of learning new words.


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