photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork


Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork

a classic view from South Gate Bridge.

name: Martin, 06-11-2009 8:11

A great picture sir, and a great way of encompassing nearly all of your series.
I see Wires (but no Birds) Walls-even a piece of the old Cork city wall-,People (just about, well maybe just two people)Docklands(sort of,there used to be docks here) Reflections and Skies over Cork.
Highly commended, shows great economy of effort.

name: Phillip, 09-11-2009 8:50

Martin, You forgot the legendary bravery of photographer. He is taking this picture standing in front of wild, dangerous river.

name: martin, 09-11-2009 18:44

and that too of course, not to mention our hero's peril of impalement on the tip of the spire.

name: Jeremy, 11-11-2009 22:13

Wouldn't this be about the earthquakes, the event Cork is so (in)famous for, I would completely agree with both Martin and Philiip. But the earthquakes - and despite them - our homo superior photographer is there - laughing out at all these dangers, just to serve us this still - although ever so dynamic - shot of the pending disaster.

name: Eoin, 26-11-2009 10:29

When I was young and growing up in Cork city, it was said that when the golden angel on the rear of the church blew her horn, it was a sign that the world would end.

Aside from that scarring, these are beautiful photos. Thank you so much.

name: jedrzej, 26-11-2009 12:24

is there any _golden_ angel there? I'll have a look today :)
thank you Eoin.


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