photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

school of music, Cork


school of music, Cork

a bunch of architects during a tour of the just-finished Cork school of music, august 2007.

name: anna shaleva, 08-01-2008 7:25

not bad, not bad))
i wounder how long were you looking for that kind of shot? Super!

name: mm, 09-01-2008 22:26

there are some propositions to write this blog in two languages. also in polish.

name: Mindy, 25-01-2008 3:34

Wonderfully clever. I love this.

name: tr, 18-11-2012 22:46


name: Reinhard, 19-11-2012 23:13

Cool ;-)

name: patrick dinneen, 05-02-2013 17:17

nicely spotted.


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