photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

seagulls and Saint Patrick's Bridge, Cork


seagulls and Saint Patrick's Bridge, Cork

inspired by the photo of my friend.
as you can see, some small changes happened to venividi during the weekend - browsing by months has been replaced with browsing by bigger pages full of thumbnails.
also, please welcome the new 'series' feature as warm as you welcomed the random button few weeks ago.

name: Martin , 26-01-2009 5:46

Back to the drawing board and trawl your archives for "in the window" shots.
What about 15/03, 30/03, 25/04, or even 16/11. You spend far more time peering in other peoples windows than you have admitted.

name: jedrzej, 26-01-2009 9:56

I'm impressed by your vigilance, Martin!
Series are under construction now, there will be more of them. I have also to decide which photos to include and where - for example the first two which you reminded me about are more shopfronts then windows, so I decided not to put them there.

name: Random button, 26-01-2009 21:30

I feel jealous.

name: jedrzej, 26-01-2009 23:50

...just to decide, after a while, that Martin was right.

name: Martin, 27-01-2009 8:04

I knew you would agree!

name: Ballonik, 27-01-2009 14:24

It took me a while but I counted all the birds. There are precisely 3 of them.

name: mm, 27-01-2009 22:01

Keep on counting, Baloo, keep on cuonting. Uebung macht der Meister.

name: Dowgird, the colonel, 27-01-2009 23:26

Baloo, where do you see the third one?!

name: jedrzej, 28-01-2009 14:56

come on, guys, stop messing around - surely you must see the idea behind the photo, which was to show all four Cork seagulls at the same time?

name: Martin, 28-01-2009 16:48

Four ! Jeez Jedrzej it's no wonder you missed all those through the window shots.
I count at least five.

name: PELIKAN, 29-01-2009 10:28

A mnie się znów pomija. Siedzę i siedzę z rozpostartymi skrzydłami. I nic. Nie policzyli....

name: ΔxΔp > h/2, 30-01-2009 0:26

We should not forget that each seagull has a well-defined position and momentum, but is guided by a wave function derived from Schrödinger's equation. Of course this brave theory was initially rejected because it generated non-local effects when applied to systems involving more than one seagull. But it's obvious.


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