photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

self-portrait, Siena


self-portrait, Siena

a strange and technically mediocre one today, but since i kind of like it, and this is my blog - here it is.

name: daina, 04-05-2008 1:11

I like it too. Occasionally technically accomplished shots tend to be a bit sterile - the opposite end can be just as unsatisfying - ah well. I like your not so technically mediocre shot.

name: chomil, 05-05-2008 11:24

I find it intriguing. Why mediocre?

name: jedrzej, 05-05-2008 14:51

dunno, isn't it? :)

name: chomil, 05-05-2008 15:09

I think it's cool, I like pictures with mirror reflections. technicznie bym przycial z lewej. :)

name: mm, 05-05-2008 18:58

it is one of the best photo I've seen from the long time. Its your own, different.
And on the second level we have very subtle sensation that the mirror we have seen at Mr and Mrs Arnolfinis room with Mister van Eycks silhuette. You are following the long tradition of selfportarits. And of course we ussually follow the tradition not very consciously.

name: Balooonik, 06-05-2008 0:24

If you'd only hold the mirror in your hand and make the camera invisible, you would unconsciously follow DJ Escher. Or was it MC Escher?

name: mm, 06-05-2008 9:03

I see Silent Bob from the film Clerks, or it was Silent John?

name: chomil, 06-05-2008 11:02

The Silent one was Bob, but at the picture here it's rather Jay.

name: mm, 06-05-2008 18:37

you are right, it was Jay. Not very conscious from time to time :-)

name: gobo, 15-05-2008 1:22

Ales Ty urosl,Bozesz Ty moj!

name: ewczak, 09-06-2008 13:00

mroczne auto ;)


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