photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

sleeping in the car, Cork


sleeping in the car, Cork sleeping in the car, Cork

two people caught sleeping in the car during one walk.

name: Martin, 01-11-2010 21:05

Terrific, these made me laugh out loud. There is a lot of info too for the amateur detective.

name: bawgaj, 02-11-2010 7:20

second rules ;]]]

name: hoi, 05-11-2010 15:31

You should have cleaned their cars while they slept.

name: jedrzej, 05-11-2010 16:20

indeed, there's a lot of intriguing junk in both vehicles.

name: vale, 05-11-2010 16:27

I hope they were parked :)

name: mm, 06-11-2010 17:05

na jednym zdjęciu widzę fotografa (słynnego z wielkiej odwagi i niepospolitej urody), na drugim jońską świątynię

name: Vanessa Wolfe, 17-04-2012 14:50

You couldn't get a slimmer man!!


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