photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

storm at Mizen Head


storm at Mizen Head storm at Mizen Head storm at Mizen Head

you can say quite a few things about the weather in Ireland this winter, but the word "boring" would not be one of them. this is how Mizen Head looked today, with waves over 10 metres high and winds howling accordingly.

name: rdzak, 08-02-2014 21:17

No to kuwa poleciałeś! To dzień?

name: jedrzej, 08-02-2014 21:46

Dzien, ale co to, panie, za dzien!

name: GM, 08-02-2014 22:11

Plażowo. Zajebiste.

name: john, 09-02-2014 13:08

nice angles jedrzej.great capture.

name: HF, 10-02-2014 14:40

Absolute great b/w Photos!! Congrats!!

name: jedrzej, 10-02-2014 16:16

thank you! here is the trick though: those pictures are not BW. they are in colour. blame the winter Atlantic storm!

name: Martin, 10-02-2014 21:57

AND how on the name of god do you pronounce Jed? ... Yen ?

name: jedrzej, 10-02-2014 22:02

Now, that name of mine proved to be a real problem in english. Unpronouncable for locals. Spelling only makes it worse. What was I to do? Cropped it to first three letters, which entirely changes the sound of the name. Tried Yen, made even less sense. Sigh.

name: Ann, 11-03-2014 15:58

świetne:) choć sama robię trochę inne rzeczy z wielką frajdą się to ogląda:)

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