photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

strictly no photos, Potosi, Bolivia


strictly no photos, Potosi, Bolivia

a Bolivian woman who really didn't want to appear on the photo. i wouldn't have taken it, if I had only realised that she was covering her face before actually releasing the shutter (she was very fast).

name: hoi, 16-04-2010 17:09

Maybe she thought you were going to steal her soul.

name: jedrzej, 16-04-2010 18:01

probably something like that. i think she wasn't even aware that i was taking photo of her, she just didn't want to appear on any photo, full stop.

name: martin, 19-04-2010 20:36

And then again by bending down fast enough she may have reversed the process and stolen the soul of the photographer. Do you find yourself, inadvertently, speaking fluent Mayan ?

name: jedrzej, 20-04-2010 20:26

now that you mention that, i did actually develop a sudden affection for coca leaves.


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