photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

sugar bags, Port of Cork


sugar bags, Port of Cork

name: mm, 22-01-2009 9:26

Great, great photo. You feel colour, composition is perfect, and the most important: there is a mistery in this photo, and even some kind of drama. Something has happened. Congratulations

name: Martin, 22-01-2009 14:58

I love the sky in the water, stained glass.

name: roadpix, 22-01-2009 22:29

to takie z serii tych słodkich wód ;]

name: daina, 23-01-2009 0:43

very nice!

name: Aoife - Cork, 23-01-2009 11:02

Great photo and great comment by mm - I absolutely agree!

name: Baloonik, 25-01-2009 17:45

I have to disagree with Aoife, but I absolutely agree with mm.

name: mm, 25-01-2009 17:58

Keep on writing, Baloo, keep on writing... :-)

name: Jana, 10-07-2009 13:11

Perfect! ...pleasure looking at these photos from Zagreb. greetings Jedrzej!


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