photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Sunday's Well abstract, Cork


Sunday's Well abstract, Cork

quite an old photograph - taken in 2005 - so, it's from a digital drawer.

name: Bryan Mukandi, 11-03-2009 1:51

Tell me something Jedrzej. Do you take RAW photos or are they ordinary JPEGS? And after you've got your image, how much editing to you do? Do you use photoshop, photoshop elements, or somethings else? Last thing, and advice for an amateur who wants to learn to take photos as beautiful as yours?

name: jedrzej, 11-03-2009 21:07

Thank you so much Bryan.
To answer your questions:
- yes, I take only RAWs now (although the one above, being from the drawer, was a jpeg - I really don't recommend that)
- it's difficult to answer how much editing I do, sometimes it's almost nothing, sometimes it's more. I try not to change anything really, mostly adjust.
- i use photoshop.
- now, this is a tricky way to ask a question :) But, for me, it's about looking for this moment of excitement after taking a photo, and this can probably only occur after making a picture important for me. So, if I had to name it, I would say - to look for something personal.

name: Bryan Mukandi, 17-03-2009 3:28

Thanks Jedrzej.

One more question, if that's okay. What's the learning curve like with photoshop, especially if you're doing other things? And would elements be enough?

name: jedrzej, 19-03-2009 22:25

Bryan, i know nothing about elemnts, so i can't help you on that. As for photoshop, the great thing is that it's a pleasure from the start, learning it while using it is only a pleasure.


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