photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

symmetry, Munich


symmetry, Munich

name: Martin, 23-06-2008 3:35

Old Friends,
Sat on the park bench
Like Book-Ends
(Paul Simon)

name: mm, 23-06-2008 9:10

Great shot to your series Symmetry. And wonderful Martin`s comment.

name: Mro, 23-06-2008 12:51


name: Blo, 24-06-2008 9:46


name:, 24-06-2008 22:13

Great street photography and character study - also like the distance which is really unusual and indeed makes the image !

name: alkos, 30-06-2008 14:51


name: Baloonik, 01-07-2008 22:25

A lot was written about the picture above, but all of the other users seem to oversee the fact that this is simply a great photo, no doubts about it.

name: zuza, 27-08-2008 22:29

animated discussion against peasful background... lovely!


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