photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

symmetry, Paris


symmetry, Paris

a very old photo of mine - two homeless people sleeping outside Louvre Museum. it seems like even them, being so close to such a collection of art, seem obliged to follow certain aesthetic rules.
meanwhile, venividi photoblog is taking a first long break. we are going for six weeks to South America and sincerely intend to stay away from any computer during this time. see you all in a while!

name: sherri, 03-02-2010 3:26

A sad image and all too common all over the world.

name: beanow, 03-02-2010 10:46

świetnie wypatrzone!

name: bawgaj, 07-02-2010 15:34


name: Brian, 12-03-2010 4:32

Beautiful shots! I too love Ireland! And Poland!

name: rusty, 20-03-2010 14:52

gimme somethin' fresh, please :)


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