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symmetry - revisited


symmetry - revisited

there is something reassuring in the fact that my favourite tree remains absolutely unchanged (the famous tree between Knockleigh and Knocknahowla Beg). the above photo was taken a week ago, while this one - exactly two years ago.
there's also a shot of this very tree by Gracjan, which he took completely independently.
meanwhile - knowing that things here are safe and not prone to changes - i'm going to Poland, so next photo will appear here not earlier than ten days from now.

name: beanow, 31-07-2008 9:28

ciekawe zestawienie faktur

name: iced coffee, 01-08-2008 13:03

lovely photo - enjoy poland.

name: jalberto, 09-08-2008 18:13

NIce Shot!!
And very nice web too.

Best Regards from Spain

name: Kevin, 30-01-2009 11:00

Soon to be made even more famous!!

name: jedrzej, 30-01-2009 11:17

:) !

name: Theof, 15-12-2009 5:37

Love it! Makes me want to see it myself!


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