photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

the corner window


the corner window

name: Martin, 20-10-2012 16:37

Delightful "in the window" classic.Well done.

name: Dr.Zak., 27-10-2012 18:50


name: supershadow, 22-12-2012 0:39

excellent jedri. the architecture you see in the picture was designed by the jedi morm jordil and discretely added to all architectual designs used in modern buildings today.
To read the picture correctly, the pyramid in the middle 'points' to the window at the top which represents the jedi council of morm-jordil as the guiding hand of our universe. The Man in the picture represents the 'pindar' (the ruler of the eu-universe') . Note that he is looking down to his left towards the brown door with the cross symbol of horus.
This symbolises that the pindar only wants those who walk through this door and accept the world order he has designed for mankind.

you should alway enhance you talents into other areas as well jedri..pls use my list of talents as a guide:

Excellent advisor (Special advisor to george lucas-he sold star wars to walt disney on my advice)

Great at speeches ( BILL CLINTON) and telling jokes
Great at computers popular
Excellent at gardening
Excellent at Councilling
Excellent at Cooking
Excellent eye foir quality
Excellent around the house at cleaning-hoovering-Ironing-washing up -Washing floors etc.
I am not too bad looking
Excellent massager
excellent kisser-very passionate

"note: all information regarding SuperShadow is top secret (classified at the highest level). Currently, nothing is known about SuperShadow except that SS is very close, personal friends with George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars."

name: george l., 31-12-2012 14:03

Star Wars were one of the most boring movies in the history of cinema. Bleh.


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