photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

The Elysian, Cork


The Elysian, Cork

Ireland is not the country of scyscrapers - this is still the tallest building in the republic.
in this shot Elysian is portrayed from small cul de sac street, Anglesea Terrace. clouds were moving very fast that day, few seconds from releasing the shutter the building - at the moment quite dark - was in full sun.

name: dobosch, 15-01-2009 9:50

Cudne światło

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 15-01-2009 23:56

Actually after a while it looks like the clouds are moving very fast. I can bet that a few seconds later the building was in full sun!

name: adam, 17-01-2009 20:06

ciesze sie na kazde kolejne

name: Major Smith, 19-01-2009 6:46

I remember back then, 1971, back from 'Nam, we were passing through Cork with captain Huckelberry and as it was yesterday, I can clearly recall - Elysium building. The shape, the sharp edges, almost painful spatial supremacy to the surroundings - back in 1971, there was no sign of it at all.
These days anybody can take a picture of Elysium, what's the big deal, huh? I have an answer to this, too. Above is a good picture of Elysium, which is almost as hard to get as a clear sheet and the dry pair of shoes in the good old 'Nam.


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