photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

the Red Cow


the Red Cow

the real red cow is not in Dublin, but leaves humbly somewhere on the north side of Sheep's Head peninsula in West Cork.

name: rusty, 10-08-2011 9:33

green-blue wall texture with fancy brown-yellow, dry mud splashes all over. this cow is a cherry on top of it. red cherry.

name: hoi, 10-08-2011 18:52

Cool photo. I photograph cows frequently because the area where I live has a lot of them near by.

name: beanow, 11-08-2011 11:14

elegancki portrecik :)

name: vale, 12-08-2011 12:20

...she is so pretty!I feel cheated.

name: jedrzej, 12-08-2011 14:37

it's not what you think! it was before i met you!

name: mr mro, 16-08-2011 14:14

Jędrek went to University, Reddie (as he affectionately called her) took the production of milk and, well, the relationship had to end. Sad, sad story.

name: Vale, 17-08-2011 12:55

This morning when I got up I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and I found plenty of milk. Then I opened the drawer to get a spoon and inside it was full of milk. So I went to my room to get dressed, I opened the closet was full of milk as well!!!
...please mr mro give me some advises, do you think I should get suspicious?

name: buntagphoto, 17-08-2011 22:17

Like the post processing.

name: mr mro, 18-08-2011 7:41

Vale, please don't be suspicious. This amount of milk is a clear signal that Jędrek thoughts about the future, Your future, Vale. Therefore, he decided to invest all your savings. And as that he has always been a good economist, therefore found the best in his class won't be stocks, bonds or gold, but just milk - good for ages which is the best capital investment. Besides Jedrek paid me, for not mention Reddie in this comment.

name: Vale, 18-08-2011 9:50

Thanks mr mro! I could not sleep last night because I was wondering what all this milk meant but after reading you comment I feel relieved! It came to my mind the legend about Cleopatra taking a bath in milk and everybody knows what Babylonians were doing with it.
I don't know why I became so jealous, mr mro! It must have been her pretty face and her great taste: did you notice her fantastic earrings?
Sometimes Italian women act irrationally!

name: Milka, 19-08-2011 0:43

I'm too hangover to remember who milked me last time though. Mooooooo!

name: Bert, 04-09-2011 13:04

Haha. I woke up down today. You've cehered me up!


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