photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

the ride, Ballymacoda, East Cork


the ride, Ballymacoda, East Cork

horses and riders from Hop Island enjoying the vast low-tide beach between Ballymacoda and Youghal.

name: mm, 10-02-2011 18:02


name: rusty, 11-02-2011 19:35

Nice. See ya in the saddle.

name: Martin, 15-02-2011 18:14

Good place for horses with Cable Island- Oileán na gCapall- The Island of the Horses- in the background.

name: jedrzej, 15-02-2011 23:24

Thank you Martin!
I was looking for the name of this island for a while, but couldn't find it. Now, on some websites i see it referred to as 'Capel Island' - could that be? Also, do you know why 'Island of the horses'?

name: Martin, 16-02-2011 3:37

Yep Cable or Capel, I stayed near there one summer in a place called Knockadoon.
I don't know why it was so called but if a man were short of land he would swim his cattle (or horses ?) to an island for grazing.

name: vasile covaciu, 21-02-2011 12:01

great capture!


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