photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

tired, Edinburgh


tired, Edinburgh

a man who got tired while visiting the Edinburgh castle - he heared the sound of my camera's shutter though and burst out laughing seeing that i just took picture of him.

name: daina, 29-03-2008 15:13

An unusual reaction (most look startled at best). But then it probably is in character. Your photo has captured not a Rodin thinker but a bemused, good natured fellow - though he does seem to be peering into a precipice.

name: jedrzej, 30-03-2008 14:53

nicely put Daina :)
it's not as unusual reaction in this part of the world, as far as i am concerned - Irish/Scottish/English seem to, generally, rather like being photographed.

name: ewczak, 01-04-2008 13:08


name: Donal, 22-04-2008 23:21

Great portrait shot, and nice story too! Did you get the laughing shot too? Just came across your site after a recommendation.

name: jedrzej, 22-04-2008 23:28

thank you.
no, i didn't get a laughing one :)


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