photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

turn back now, Carantouhil


turn back now, Carantouhil

looking from the peak of Ireland's biggest mountain towards north-east.

name: martin, 10-07-2010 10:28

Two questions- (and it is a bizarre photo) if it is the peak how come the rocks behind appear higher and what is the wierd purple and yellow colouration, could it be moss and algae? (and a third one what does it say under Turn Back Now?)

name: jedrzej, 11-07-2010 13:58

The photo is taken looking down from the peak in direction where the mountain top ends with a rather vertical cliff, hence we can see the slope of another mountain in the background. I believe Carantouhil gets often really foggy, so signs like that make sense.
The colour - the rock itself seems to be purple-ish, but maybe it's thanks to moss and algae indeed?
And the sign below reeds simply: no descent route, Kerry Mountain Rescue Team.


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