photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

under bizarre skies


under bizarre skies

in Garretstown. you don't need photoshop when you live in Ireland.

name: mr mro, 14-08-2012 9:51

This picture reminds me of a story from a many years ago. I was riding a stationary bike at my home, when my TV set broke. I was upset enough to stop the exciting ride and ran from the room in panic. Unfortunately, I havent noticed the bottle lying beside my bicycle, and I fell in the hallway. End of story.

Hmm, when I'm looking on Your picture once again I think, that its not necessarily that, what reminded me of this amazing story.
ps. Picture is great.

name: jedrzej, 14-08-2012 10:28

Most of us are common, ordinary people reliving daily their tedious routine, where nothing of importance happens. Some people however, and there are not many of them, are different, devoted to challenge and adventure. People like Magellan, Neil Armstrong, Mick Jagger and Mr Mro.
There is only one thing, one obligation that lies upon them: to share their stories with us. Thank you, thank you for that!

name: mr mro, 16-08-2012 13:03

Mick Jagger "devoted to challenge and adventure"! Hell Yeah!

name: Wprawne Oko, 22-08-2012 15:26

krzywe te lampostoje sa

name: kallopeter, 28-08-2012 11:17

Intresting clouds..

name: I don\'t, kurde, know, what\'s my name anymore., 17-11-2012 2:16

What an amazing story! The picture is so so, though.

name: lamp pole, 19-11-2012 15:45

No it is not so so. It is very good indeed.


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