photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

unleaded, Leenaun, Connemara


unleaded, Leenaun, Connemara

that's how the irish summer looks this year, most of the time. considering that last summer was even worse than that it's really a bit of a challenge not to complain about the weather.

name: Aoife, 17-07-2008 10:07

If you want to get into the Irish swing of things - you HAVE to complain. I reckon that Irish people are only ever REALLY happy when they have something to complain about - and it just so happens that the hideous weather allows us the perfect reason to do just that! - Very lonely picture; I love the fisherman lamp.

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 19-07-2008 13:27

To be honest with you, I find polish people to be much more complaining even when they actually have no reason to complain at all. Anyway, that would be a very nice day if not the horrible hangover caused by my careless langering last night, feck it!

name: Baloonik, 25-07-2008 1:45

Oh, please, could you stop it?! Complaining and complaining, not again.


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