photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Vale, Leenaun, Connemara


Vale, Leenaun, Connemara

we just couldn't waste such a background once we saw it, hence this improvised pseudo-photosession.

name: karmazyniello, 22-08-2008 6:54

Haha, great improvisation and good humour!Greetings

name: rusty, 22-08-2008 11:01

I woudn't miss a chance with this backgroung too.

name: tina, 22-08-2008 17:26


name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 23-08-2008 16:47

I realy like Leenaun and Connemara standing next to Vale

name: mr.mro, 25-08-2008 12:10

I know Leenaun, i know Connemara, but which one is Vale?

name: ANONYMOUS, 25-08-2008 15:21

Vale is the gorgeous, beautiful lady on the right...i guess!

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 25-08-2008 16:00

You can't guess, you must be sure! Everybody can guess, but how would the world look like if all people were only guessing without being sure?

name: ANONYMOUS, 25-08-2008 16:24

Ok.I am pretty sure!...And actually can you something else that looks more like Vale than the lady on the right?

name: Mr. Mro, 25-08-2008 19:12

So do you suggest that this pretty young lady is Vale? It too simple for me.

name: ANONYMOUS, 25-08-2008 20:26

I've to say:YES...that pretty young lady is Vale! I know her and usually she's even better...but you know unfortunately the photographer is not so good.

name: mr.mro, 26-08-2008 8:14

So lets make it clear: Vale - ok, photographer - 2 metres tall.

name: ewczak, 28-08-2008 18:27

udana sesja! 8D

name: irene, 18-09-2008 16:49

questi fusti vuoti? immagino che fine hanno fatto,ehehe!

name: Alessandra, 19-09-2008 11:36

Vale, sei grande! e Jedrzej รจ veramente bravo.

name: Mariagrazia, 09-10-2008 13:42

VAle come sei bella!!!


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