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we're flying to Sicily today, for a week. the plan is to melt down and eat a lot of pasta.

name: beanow, 22-07-2009 14:34

piękna Val :)

name: :), 23-07-2009 0:55

the plan is not bad

name: gobo, 24-07-2009 20:47

how to melt down pasta? way:take original sicilian spaghetti(angel hair would be perfect)
2.cook it for about 35 minutes
3.put it into the dry container and than smash it with any tool that is accuratte for the job
4 add butter and mix it like there is no tomorrow
5.enjoy the way,anyone knows how to eat sicily??

name: jo_j, 25-07-2009 7:13

I know. I know. The same recipe as yours Gobo, but you have to smash twice longer. Enjoy yourself. Cheers.

name: Martin, 31-07-2009 18:58

Gobo's suggestion is patently not going to work.
Pasta must be boiled at 100C for 14 hours to melt successfully.
After this the liquid is poured into glasses, mixed with an equal amount of Vino Rosso and sipped gently-be warne-d though, if left too long it tends to solidify and must be eaten with a spoon-this in itself is an old Sicilian tradition and is known as "Eating Sicily". Bonne Vacances.

name: jedrzej, 01-08-2009 19:45

mix it like there is no tomorrow, hell yeah!

thank you - it was, indeed, beautiful.

name: ewczak, 23-08-2009 13:42



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