photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

vicuñas - group portrait, Southwest Circuit, Bolivia


vicuñas - group portrait, Southwest Circuit, Bolivia

back! back from South America, back to updating the blog.

meanwhile, while I was travelling, venividi managed to get listed and then shortlisted in Irish Blog Awards, but didn't get to the finals. well - who's absent is never right, as polish saying states.

name: hoi, 24-03-2010 20:58

Awesome composition. I like how the ground curves around the herd. Great exposure.

name: Vicunia Expert, 25-03-2010 13:22

Jedrzej I didn't expect that from so brave and honest person like you. Showing deers on the slopes of Lugnaquilla in Wicklow Mountains and calling that Bolivia. Shame on you!!!

name: Sugar Loaf Expert, 25-03-2010 13:24

and this snowy peak behind those lovely deers is obviously Sugar Loaf (500 m above sea level) near Bray, just to clarify.

name: Martin, 26-03-2010 13:36

Welcome back,(and in good form I see) I'd given up hope.
Loads of pictures now please- to compensate constant readers.

name: jedrzej, 28-03-2010 16:57

thanks hoi, thanks Martin!


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