photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

waiting for green light, Munich


waiting for green light, Munich

name: Baloonik, 25-06-2008 1:27

It's good you wear a helmet, Jedrzej.

name: Mro, 25-06-2008 9:00

... but its better to wear two helmets.

name: Elmer, 25-06-2008 9:02

troche nuda, ale glebia ok

name: jedrzej, 25-06-2008 13:03

no moze i nuda, ale jaka glebia! :)

name: Mro, 25-06-2008 15:02

troche glebia, ale nuda ok

name: gobo, 25-06-2008 20:24

troche ok,ale glebia-nuda

name: mm, 26-06-2008 8:10

Alien absorbing red energy.

name:, 26-06-2008 23:33

Bravo mm, you got it in one.
(Just hope it stayed red long enough for a recharge)

name: mm, 27-06-2008 8:44

Better no. To much energy and Turkey is out.

name: Baloonik, 30-06-2008 1:26

I'm not so sure if calling Jedrzej an alien is very polite.

name: Mro, 30-06-2008 8:48

So maybe we should call him, for example: "Mr. Alien", "Dear Mr. Alien", "Jedrzej, our sweet Alien".

name: gracjan, 30-06-2008 10:41

mro , or maybe just "Our handsom, 2 meters tall Alien"

name: gracjan, 30-06-2008 10:41

Mro, or maybe not.

name: Mro, 30-06-2008 11:07

Should be ok, without "handsome".

name: Baloonik, 30-06-2008 11:41

Dear Mr. Alien! I really like your autoportrait in helmet. It's a pity one can't see your green tentactles, though. They add a lot to your handsome looks. Please, post more of these.


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