photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

We're delighted to see you


We're delighted to see you

the Queen of England popped in to Cork for about an hour today. it is a highly questionable institution in 21st century, the monarchy, if anybody asked me. nobody does though - and the lady on the photo was very happy to be able to greet the Queen.

referral: Martin's post and 0101's photo.

name: Martin, 22-05-2011 8:30

Ah but it was nothing to do with the monarchy Jedrzej, it was everything to do with burying an old hatchet. Great picture, I would have loved to have been there.

name: mr mro, 23-05-2011 7:21

"it is a highly questionable institution in 21st century" - thats right if you treat the monarchy seriously. But if you treat it as it deserves - as the circus for tourists - its make a sense. ps. Good photo!

name: jedrzej, 23-05-2011 23:29

It's just that the ammount of security and work which was invested in her one hour's stay in Cork seemed really excessive to me. But having said that I fully appreciate the historical aspect of thisvisit. Nicely put with the hatchet, by the way.

True that, I didn't think about it in circus categories, makes sense.

name: mm, 25-05-2011 18:07

Oj, tam, oj tam. Circus categories. Monarchy it is fantastic promotion for english tourist bussines. For tourists it is kind of nostalgy for old times. Poeople like to think about somthing different than gray, plain life.

name: mr mro , 30-05-2011 11:09

As the Seventh Duke of Worchestergrimstoneshire I can just say that the British Royal Family is doing quite good job for the promotion of its country. I agree with you and with myself from the comment above. They should have been payed from National British Tourist Agenncy or whatever tourist organisation they have then. But the monarchy itself its - for me - a little bit grotesque institution with all this rituals, titles of nobility, ceremonies. Its 21st century, for god's sake! (with all this strange gadgets like planes, iPods and Internet.) In this case, just for simplicity let's call "the circus" all the monarchy institutins all over the world.

name: Heidi, 12-09-2011 20:55

Priceless! :o) -


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